A Reflection from the Shore

This is the 1st in the series of Fluck Tuesdays.

Photo courtesy of Oliver Fluck and sincere gratitude for the collaboration which resulted in eight very unique fiction pieces. These were the initial stories. Then I continued to create 23 more and that is how  Collection of Auguries came to be. Grateful for the synchronicity which brought us together so these stories could be told with the help of a lens.

A Reflection from the Shore

Oceans are not as blue as they appear in pictures, Emilie Goldstein thought to herself, as she looked at the loud waves reflecting the ashy, overcast sky.

from Collection of Auguries

5 thoughts on “A Reflection from the Shore

  1. I like the way you capture Emilie Goldstein’s character. I particularly like the way it’s dropped “two sons in their late forties who had yet to bare her grandchildren”. That paints a vivid picture for me.

  2. She had so much and, yet, the thing that could satisfy her longing is the very thing that she feels is out of her reach.

    Such a poignant piece.

    You have a wonderful way with description.

  3. Love this!

    A well written image to accompany and expand Oliver Fluck’s photo.

    I think I may have known and maybe even still know parts of Emilie Goldstein.

    To your yellow-brightness,

    P.S. I love to visit “your house” too!

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