Love: Making Music

This is the 4th in the series of Fluck Tuesdays.

Photo courtesy of Oliver Fluck and sincere gratitude for the collaboration which resulted in eight very unique fiction pieces. These were the initial stories. Then I continued to create 23 more and that is how  Collection of Auguries came to be. Grateful for the synchronicity which brought us together so these stories could be told with the help of a lens.

She didn’t know then that she loved how he loved music more than she loved him.

from Collection of Auguries

5 thoughts on “Love: Making Music

  1. Wonderful: reminded me of memories of Kokopelli dolls in Sante Fe but more pointedly of 5 drummers playing in plaza in Berkeley California in early seventies-their drumming was mesmeric but i was alone, broke and sad watching a girl nearby flicking through notes;I felt I could not possibly approach this girl that the music was a bond which linked us together and as long as the music continued i would be happy;I had totally forgotten about this experience until I read your fine article;Thanks for reprising the music+the memory!

  2. He is thinking about the beginning of their meeting, which heralds their ending. She thinks they will be fine.

    No real love for each other. Just tenuous sounds of music being the glue for the moment.


  3. I’m cheering for Babatunde to break up soon and find someone who deserves his musical soul better, and his budget! heh

    Great piece Annie. I felt a great connection with him, although you made me understand Odia’s view well too. 🙂

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