Patricia McCarthy Donnelly

This is Patricia McCarthy Donnelly. She reads fortunes in tea leaves. Irish Tea Leaf Readings. She doesn’t ask for money but people donate generously. I spotted her from so very far away when driving near the promenade in Santa Monica, Los Angeles in California. Then I saw her again. We talked. She is really this enchanting. Her energy is from beyond this time. I await for another opportunity to ask her questions—about her life.

Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul,

And sings the tune without words,

And never stops at all.

~ Emily Dickinson


tea leaf

2 thoughts on “Patricia McCarthy Donnelly

  1. She is indeed a gem of a lady. 🙂 Let it never be said that there is nothing divine in the heart of Los Angeles.

  2. Patricia is indeed an absolute good-hearted lady! I loved her energy, which was all positive.
    I’m glad that I met her for a reading. Let’s see what unfolds. Regardless, I have no regret meeting her because she lifted my spirits!

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