“invisible activity”

Today the air is clear of everything.
It has no knowledge except of nothingness
And it flows over us without meanings,
As if none of us had ever been here before
And are not now: in this shallow spectacle,
This invisible activity, this sense.

From “A Clear Day and No Memories” by Wallace Stevens (1879-1955)

What I love about the sea is all the “invisible activity” that no one sees but can definitely sense. You notice how powerless and powerful we all are. You can almost hear your DNA whisper that this moment, like so many before, was orchestrated many years ago to get you to this point. You are pre-coded to be free and your best self.

Very few days in life come close to being classified as absolutely perfect. This particular Sunday, two weeks ago, was the most perfect day I have experienced in California. And it wasn’t even sunny!  My brother was promoted, much deserved and well earned, and his supervisor, a truly inspiring being, invited his family, us, and colleagues on his yacht.

That Sunday, I could only think of possibilities. Despite all that is not right in the United States and this world, for a day I was surrounded by good people, trying to do good in their corners of the world.


 On the coast. Newport Sea Base, CA. 2014.

One thought on ““invisible activity”

  1. Just like the sea your photo pictures, all the parts of this beautiful post are in a restless harmony. What a fine example from Wallace Stevens’ poetry–he never fails to find words for the intangible feelings lying behind appearances. Truly a marvel. And your own poetic words confer with his very well, hearing the sea whisper that we, you, are “pre-coded to be free and your best self.” Amazing photo of the sail of the “Good Ship America” (as it tries to be and sometimes reaches), rocking on the endless waters.

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