All that is possible…

Busy days and nights. Reading more and more each day, wishing I had more time to re-read. Any email updates to anyone are fragments wanting to be poetry.

I was awestruck by this plant (see image below). I found it during a hike in the Bandelier National Monument park. The park is located near Los Alamos, about a 45 minute drive north of Santa Fe. As part of the “Nuclear Southwest: Literature and Film” course, taught by Dr. Jesse Aleman, we took a trip to Los Alamos where we visited the Bradbury Science Museum. There is much to process about the trip, the many nonfiction and fiction readings prior to the trip, the class discussions, and the new readings due next week. Besides, once processed, I actually have to do more than write a post about it so I better save my energy for that! After the trip some of us decided to continue the day and went onto White Rock, from there we took a shuttle to Bandelier. Here you can read about the park’s history etc. Here you can see many more amazing photos taken by professionals who specialize in such photography. I have a few to share and will do so later, perhaps via email update (for those subscribed).


Besides all kinds of other professional and academic growth, I am keenly aware of how the landscape here is serving as a suture for the past so as to experience the Stillness that leads to the future. I can’t quite articulate any of that for now but it is certainly happening.


Awed by that which grows so beautifully in the harshest of conditions, almost mocking humanity, as if it could be any other way. The desert is rich with life, abundant with contrasts, and reminds us of all the impossible that is quite possible.