Photo of how I feel after I am ‘done’ writing
“we would rather be ruined than changed” ~ W.H. Auden
The love that is New York City…A love like New York City…
Walk Along River Cam in Cambridge, England

I came across a wonderful book The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf while I stayed at my cousin’s in Cambridge. I share some excerpts from the final chapter. No, I did not finish the book in two days, I just […]

“the dancing house” building by Frank Gehry & other Prague architecture
When the lightest touch wakes you up…A Nap In the Únětice Village
“perpetual war for perpetual peace” Photo of Wall Mural in Prague
Young Woman Paints In Front of Duende Cafe in Prague; “A Walk” by Rilke (literally literary…)

I know when I am developing a character, the biggest challenge is to show that like life itself he or she is not one dimensional. And that something in him or her is really also in the reader  too, whether […]

So there I was minding my own nap business…when I heard something move…
Still Sundays: World Rivers Project, a woman named Yo, the windmill within, truth is a deadbody…
How to take a nap in a park…
Sovinec Castle, Moravia (3 hours outside Prague)
Old Town Square & Some Other Prague Spots
František Kupka & Museum Kampa: Abstraction & Atonality
Some Prague Photos
birds on a watersky
Green Heart

Author Charles Baxter has required we read the short story “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall” (1930) by Katherine Anne Porter, a Pulitzer winner I had never read. I knew that one of the reasons this Prague experience is seminal for […]

Some art by my father…
looking at her…

Woke up thinking about Toni Morrison’s novel Paradise. This excerpt. Only the brilliant Toni Morrison can put it this way…brilliant because she says it however she wants to say it… Here:   Let me tell you about love, that silly […]

A dancing statue
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